Car Crashes Through Daycare, Kills One Girl, Hurts 14; Driver Escapes

A Florida man is currently the main culprit of a devastating car accident that left one little girl dead and 14 others injured inside a daycare, Orlando, Sentinal reports.

According to witness Joel Rosado, who was one of the first people who came to the daycare’s rescue, a Toyota Solara crashed into the Goldenrod Road Kindercare, killing one four-year-old girl and injuring 14 others. He reported that he saw a few teachers inside the daycare panicking while one performed CPR on one of the more severely injured child. Some of the children inside the daycare were bleeding, “laid out, not moving” according to Rosado.

Most of the children injured in the daycare were brought to four different hospitals. Some of them were treated on the spot. More than three hours after the daycare incident, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children confirmed the death of one four-year-old girl whose name was not revealed. They also confirmed one child who is currently in critical condition.

The Toyota Solara, driven by 61-year-old Albert Dean Campbell was entering a driveway when he was suddenly hit by an incoming Dodge Durango, causing Campbell’s vehicle to barrel through the daycare nearby. Campbell emerged from his car uninjured but was in visible emotional shock.

The driver of the Dodge Durango, who some witnesses believe may have caused the whole daycare disaster, sped away immediately after the crash. Local officers are currently conducting a massive manhunt for the driver, identified by local authorities as 28-year-old Robert Corchado.

Witnesses say that Corchado did not spend a second to check the casualties he left behind. Police records report that Corchado has been arrested multiple times in the past since he was 18, when he was first charged with extortion. Last 2010, he was sentenced to three years in prison for cocaine trafficking.

Corchado’s vehicle was later found in a house on Orange Avenue in Winter Park. The bumper the car left at the scene of the accident matched with the Dodge Durango found in the residence. However, Corchado was not found anywhere near or inside the house or the car.

Authorities were worried that Corchado might plan to leave the state, leading to a massive search at the Orlando International Airport. However, search operations were restructured when a new lead came to the police, saying that Corchado rented a black Mazda SUV with plate numbers CHRQ41. Anyone who spots Corchado or his vehicle are encouraged to call 407-737-2300 or 911.

A small memorial for the victims was held outside the daycare where the crash occurred.