Lauren Conrad Gets Rose Colored Locks

Lauren Conrad made headlines on April Fool’s Day for dying her blonde tresses lavender. It looked great on her, according to many celebs, but Lauren has trouble with commitment. She claimed on her website that the dye was semi-permanent (six to eight weeks) but it washed out in a day. She told Us in early March:

I’m not a big fan of purple as a color. It looks great on other people, but not me.”

She does like pink hair though. At least I would hope so, since she posted a photo of her pink hair earlier Wednesday to Instagram. She has said of rose colored locks:

I have pink hair dye in my shower and sometimes for fun I’ll do it on a Friday and then have pink hair for the weekend. It washes out! I’m not fully committed to color, but once in a while it’s fun.”

pink hair lauren

Lauren Conrad is not only an ex-member of MTV’s hit show Laguna Beach and the star of her own spinoff show The Hills but she is also a fashion designer and an author of the young adult book series L.A. Candy.

Many stars have been sporting pastel hair lately. Kelly Osbourne has been wearing lavender locks for around two years. Katy Perry has rocked the same pastel pink that Lauren now has. (Katy dyed her hair a slimy green color yesterday. It looks great, of course.) Kesha turned it up a notch at the American Music Awards with one side of her long hair pastel blue, one side pastel pink. Demi Lovato has had both blue and pink hair. I could continue, but I think you get the picture.

Look on Tumblr, Pinterest and blogs and there is a bevy of information on how to achieve pastel colored hair step by step, pictures of people with pastel hair of every color in the rainbow. Lauren Conrad isn’t the only one pulling off this look.

It’s the general consensus that purple looks great on everyone, although pink, blue and even sometimes pastel orange are popular as well. It’s something that any girl can do (carefully) with some bleach and hair dye. Sure, it probably won’t turn out like that dip-dyed model’s hair in that picture you pinned on Pinterest, but it will be something different.

It looks like that’s what Lauren Conrad craves, something different. The April Fool’s joke was one thing, but she Instagrammed the pink hair photo just today. As she’s said in interviews, she sometimes likes to throw a little pink dye on in the shower, but could it be for real this time?
We’ll just have to wait and see.