Paul Rudd: Have Sex With Him For One Dollar! New Yorkers Think That’s A Good Deal

Paul Rudd has starred in some of the most popular comedy films of the past decade and some of those movies have actually been funny. From Anchorman, This Is 40 and Bridesmaids to Knocked Up, Role Models and Our Idiot Brother, Paul Rudd has become an icon of American comedy, and certainly one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, appearing in 28 movies in just the past eight years.

But there is one burning question about Paul Rudd, and Funny Or Die comedian Billy Eicher had to get the answer.

For one dollar, would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

The video hit the popular Funny or Die site, founded by Will Ferrell and his business partner Adam McKay, on Tuesday — part of the regular Billy on the Street series that appears on Funny or Die.

The concept of the series is pretty simple. “Billy,” the comedian Billy Eicher, runs around the streets of New York with a microphone asking random people ridiculous questions. This time, he enlisted the services of a sheepish-looking Paul Rudd to race down the sidewalk with him, as Eicher shoved his microphone in the faces of total strangers, asking them, “For one dollar, would you have sex with Paul Rudd?”

To be clear, this isn’t something that Rudd was actively seeking. The 45-year-old actor has been married to former publicist Julie Yaeger since 2003 and they have two children.

Nonetheless, Paul Rudd was a good sport and played along with the video’s gimmick. And, in what mist have been flattering, the answer to the “sex with Paul Rudd for a dollar” question was an almost unanimous “yes.”

One woman protested that she was married — “No one will know!” Eicher shrieked before dashing down the street to his next victim — and another simply gave a flat out “no.”

But the rest of the interview subjects were more than willing to have sex with Paul Rudd for a dollar, or even for free.

Check out the “Sex With Paul Rudd” Funny or Die video, below.