Ariana Grande Poses On A Motorcycle While Enjoying A Lollipop? What More Can You Ask For?

Ariana Grande, Hollywood's girl next door, showed everyone on Instagram that she isn't just your typical bubbly singer. Last Tuesday, Grande shared a couple of photos that blew every guy's pants off. Atop a motorcycle in a tight, checkered dress, Ariana threw a couple of hot and gorgeous poses that drove social media into massive liking frenzy. The "Baby, I" even brought a lollipop for good measure.

The pictures have already garnered millions of likes on Instagram. In one pic alone, where Ariana knelt on the motorcycle seat while holding a lollipop, fans poured in 740,ooo likes for the singer/actress. Ariana even used the pic as the cover photo of her verified Twitter account.


First, who the hell is the lucky guy (or gal) who Ariana recruited to take those sultry shots. Second, how can I apply for the position. Whoever was behind the camera must have had a super awesome time with Ariana Grande, one of the coolest young stars in Hollywood today.


Naturally, Ariana's pictures brought in some love from the comment section. Instagram liker bellehomer had nice things to say:

"This and u are beautiful. Is this for a music video??"
We hope so, bellehomer. We hope so.

Another one, fabulicios15 said:

"Omg it so pretty I wish I could meet u"
However, a couple of Instagram users were a little bit mean to our princess Ariana. Instagram user desiree0123 was a bit harsh with Grande:
"ew slut status now?"
Ouch! Are Grande's pictures slutty? I don't think so and neither should you. These are obviously just expressions of a 20-year-old artist whose life goal is to make all her fans happy and satisfied. Best thing we should do as supporters of the wonderful singer is to appreciate everything she does. If she begins twerking on stage, that's another issue. But for now, let Grande be Grande.

Instagram user kianaamaarie defends her better:

"Omg people, she's 20 years old! Apparently she can't do one pose without being called a slut or something she isn't. She's old enough to do this now, it's not like she's still a teenager. She's not a slut! Before you judge someone else, make sure you know them. This is really annoying. Most of you wouldn't know her personally so quit judging her."
We wish you all the best Ariana Grande! And keep posting those photos. No one would mind!

[Images from Instagram]