LSU Gymnast Scores Perfect 10’s For Hip Hop Inspired Routine [Video]

An LSU gymnast is receiving a lot o attention for a unique performance that has consistently received perfect scores across the board. Llomincia Hall, a junior at Louisiana State University is making national news for her unique hip-hop inspired floor routine.

According to the Washington Post, Hall is an imaginative and enthusiastic individual whose performances as an LSU gymnast has generated a kind of excitement that’s “unusual” in this sport. People continues on to say that a video of the LSU gymnast’s routine hasn’t gone viral for her spot-on execution, but “for the playful hip hop dancing she peppers within the routine.”

The gymnast can be seen flipping and tumbling about, but what seems to get the crowd going aren’t her more traditional moves, but instead, her hip hop inspired ones. Hill’s routine has quite a bit of sass o it, and it seems to drive both the crowds and the judges wild. Just check out what some of these viewers thought of Hall’s performance:

The video above was of her January performance, which was posted to YouTube on the first of February and has already received nearly 545,000 views. The LSU gymnast has endured a lot of positive and negative comments on her performance, though many of the negative comments stemmed from those who chose to negative comments on her physical appearance. It would seem that Hill hasn’t let those comments affect her because she keeps moving forward.

According to the Washington Post, last weekend Hill received her third perfect score of 10 for the season, which helped LSU advance to Semifinal I of the NCAA championships on April 18th in Birmingham, Alabama.

[Image via Dionne Anglin Twitter Feed]