Emma Watson Takes On Many New Faces But Sofia Vergara Takes Hers

Emma Watson, everyone’s favorite little witch, is back up to making silver screen magic with Sofia Vergara acting a little…two-faced towards her. While the A-list actress was fending off criticisms over her recent film Noah and learning how to love a “furry” in the remake of Beauty and the Beast, Sofia Vergara decided to see what it would be like to be the queen of the Harry Potter legend.

In a spectacular video for the online store Maskon, makers of full face and torso masks, Emma is shown speaking to someone off-screen. Things start to get strange when she slips her hands down her shirt and exposes herself. Well, sort of. The “breasts” she exposes are fake, and, in the video below safe enough for general viewing, her hands climb up under her skin as she rips away the person you thought you were looking at to reveal Vergara smiling wide at her deception.

But were this a real face-off, Watson would walk away the victor with ease. Her name is like gold in Hollywood, and already rumors are spreading that she will take the role of Ariel from Anna Kendrick in Sofia Coppola’s live adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which would once again team her up with her old friend Daniel Radcliffe, who is already slotted to play Prince Eric. This reported late in February of this year, but many of Emma’s fans grew doubtful due to an April Fools joke that appeared on MuggleNet. Fortunately the people at Buzznet.com got confirmation that Mermaid will start production, and both Watson and Radcliffe have a place in it.

“A few hours ago it was confirmed that Emma Watson was chosen to play the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. But that’s not all! Prince Eric will be played by Daniel Radcliffe! This new production of Disney’s animated classic is planned for release in 2015 and will be a live action telling filmed digitally in 3D,” they reported.

While on the red carpet debut of Noah, Emma showed her interest in the movie, but didn’t fully commit herself to it.

“I mean I’d have to read it first,” said Watson (via LA Times), adding, “I love Sofia so much.”

Beyond Disney remakes, Emma Watson has taken on several other roles including The Queen Of Tearlings, an epic fantasy adaptation of Erika Johansen’s novel, as well as the eagerly awaited Regression which co-stars Ethan Hawke. Both are due out sometime in 2015.

Emma has also taken on the face of both a certified yoga instructor and meditation teacher, something she claims helps keep her rooted in her wild and chaotic life.

“I was like ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself’. Because I can never rely on a physical place.”

It appears that the 23 year-old has not only a great future ahead of her, she is one of the few child stars that has managed to keep her life in tact and out of trouble. For that, Emma, we applaud you.

Watch the Emma Watson/Sofia Vergara transformation below. And don’t be too concerned about the sound as it doesn’t come with any.