Stiletto-Heel Man Killer, Trujillo, Gets The Boot Into The Slammer

Ana Trujillo is a disgrace to shoe lovers everywhere. We’ve all heard that stiletto heels are bad for the feet and can even cause back issues. But who would have ever thought that a man could be killed with one? Dr. Stefan Anderson, 59, who was a professor at the University of Houston probably never imagined he would be the murder victim of a stiletto. His girlfriend, 45-year-old Ana Trujillo was found guilty by a jury Tuesday for killing Andersson at his condo last June reports

As the story unfolded in court, reports that their cab driver told the court that the Stiletto-Heel man killer, Trujillo, was angry and yelling the entire cab drive to Andersson’s condo. Prosecutors told the jury that Trujillo and Andersson continued to argue once they arrived and entered Andersson’s home.

At some point during the argument, reports that Andersson had somehow gotten injured and fell back on the floor. Trujillo took advantage of this opportunity, sat on him so that he couldn’t move, pulled off her stiletto and began stabbing Andersson in the face at least twenty-five times.

Stiletto-heel man killer, Trujillo, says she was only defending herself after Andersson became enraged when she told him she was leaving him. The defense attorneys, as reported by, said that Trujillo did the only thing she knew to do to defend herself, with which the prosecutor, John Jordan said, “This is not self-defense. This is a vicious murder.”

This is interesting when Trujillo had no defense wounds, while the victim had multiple defense injuries to his hands and wrists.

As reported by, during the police interrogation after the incident, Trujillo claimed she stopped stabbing him with her stiletto and called 911 and gave Andersson CPR when she saw he was no longer fighting back. It would be interesting to know if Trujillo put her stiletto back on to open the door for the police. Trujillo told the detectives that she hit Andersson a couple of times with her stiletto and didn’t realize she had hurt him until she saw blood. A couple of times when the report showed at least twenty-five stabs? Someone is miscounting, and I’m betting it is the blue suede, size nine, 5.5 inch stiletto-heel wearing killing machine. states that the jury will begin hearing evidence in the trial’s punishment phase this week, and the stiletto-heel man killer faces up to life in prison.

photo credit: Jess’ Shoe Rack via photopin cc