Harry Styles Leaves Voicemail For Teenage Girl Upon Dad's Request

Harry Styles was gracious enough to help a step dad cheer up his daughter after he called the teenage girl and left a voice mail message on her cell.

The standout star of One Direction made this girl's day, and ultimately made her the envy of millions of fans after he called her number and left an upbeat message, as only Harry Styles can after what looked like a business lunch with the girl's step dad at a private members club in London, Shoreditch House.

The girl, Ellie, and her friend appeared to be overjoyed as they played the message over and over while sitting in her car, but not before filming it and uploading the video to Instagram to, you know, to rub it in!

The message said, "Hi Ellie, it's Harry here, I'm with your dad and we've just had lunch together. He's a really nice guy," Harry begins the message before revealing the two guys got together so well they were going to meet again sometime in the next week.

Styles continues, "Hopefully see you soon, I think we're supposed to be having coffee next week."

As it would happen, the lucky teen wasn't the only one who was star struck! Ellie's step dad couldn't let the opportunity pass to pose for a selfie with Harry Styles. By looking at his huge smile, he was overjoyed to meet Harry.

As one can imagine, the Twits on Twitter were quite jealous!

In other Harry Styles news, it appears that Harry and Ariana Grande are getting set to collaborate on a love song to be released some time in the future. The song, written by Harry Styles and Johan Jens Erik Carlsson, gives insight to the fact that Styles is interested in writing songs for other musicians other than One Direction. Find out more about the pop star collaboration here.