Pizza Hut Opens In Iraq

Pizza Hut is expanding its global reach with a hand now in Iraq. On Wednesday, Yum! Brands announced the expansion of its most popular pizza restaurant, Pizza Hut. With over 13,000 stores in 85 countries, around the world “Pizza Hut” is a household name. Already known internationally, Pizza hut is growing in countries such as Chili, the Philippines, and Australia (where, speaking of, they just released a Cheeseburger Crust pizza!), but has never had a presence in Iraq.

Until now. While there is a lot of excitement about Pizza Hut opening up in the Majidi Mall of Erbil, the third largest city in Iraq, Fox states that the popular restaurant is scheduled to have 4 more locations open up this year. Three more will be founded in Erbil, with the fourth opening in Sulaymaniyah, the second largest city in the Kurdistan Region.

But why Iraq? The increased push to expand Pizza Hut into this specific country is undoubtedly due to Iraq’s growing market that is quickly emerging. Many Western companies are beginning to flock to these borders in order to take advantage of the fresh market.

All of these Pizza Hut’s will be helping Iraq in more ways than delivering fresh, yummy pizza. With five new Pizza Hut restaurants set to open in one year, employment opportunities in Iraq are expected to bump. It is estimated that all of these new Pizza Hut’s will create at least 150 jobs available to locals.

The new Pizza Hut is equipped for more than just your grab and go experience: it features a casual dine-in layout, prepared to seat 120 with a menu (in Kurdish, of course). The menu will contain far more than pizza. The specialized options will include pizza, flatbreads, pasta, salad and desserts. It is easy to see why the residents of Erbil are so excited, and Iraq’s Pizza Hut pleasure will only go up from here.

photo credit: dave_mcmt via photopin cc