Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence" Promo Campaign Starts, New Single "West Coast" To Drop Anytime

Lana Del Rey's second album "Ultraviolence" is coming very soon! Starting today, large posters for the pop star's second, highly anticipated album can be seen all over Brooklyn, New York which would support the alleged album release on May 1.

The Lana Del Rey fan Twitter accounts are tweeting up a storm eluding to a possible first single drop of "West Coast" at any time and show a real anguish over the suspense of the new single. But fret not, industry insiders think the single will be released soon to coincide with some upcoming events including Coachella this weekend and Lana Del Rey's 2014 U.S. Tour starting in Texas on April 24. Many Lana Del Rey fans are tweeting about sleep loss, the need listen to the first single off the second album by Del Rey, and pleads to end the agony of suspense.

In other Lana Del Rey news, the picture that has been floating around the internet featuring Del Rey kissing Jennifer Lawrence is a fake. In fact, the "Jennifer Lawrence" is Lana Del Rey's own sister, Chuck Grant, who was also the photographer. The photo, taken in 2012, resurfaced on social media networks and spread like wildfire.

lana del rey kissing pic

In 2012, Grant commented on her likeness to Jennifer Lawrence, "Getting a lot of messages about looking like Jennifer Lawrence, but this takes it a bit too far, don't you think? Lana del Rey & Jennifer Lawrence.", later commenting, "Comforting to think that if my photography were to fail I could probably work as Jennifer Lawrence's stand-in… #sisters"To read more about the kiss heard 'round the social media world, visit: