Man Shot At Chief Keef’s Manager’s House Released from the Hospital

On March 26, a man was shot at the home of rapper Chief Keef’s manager in Northfield, Chicago. The 33-year-old friend of Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was rushed to the hospital soon after the shooting with Cozart as passenger. Cozart was questioned soon after the shooting in Chief Keef’s managers’ house, but was eventually ruled out as a suspect.

The man shot in Chief Keef’s house has now been released from the hospital. While admitted with stable conditions, the man, whose name has not been released, spent two weeks recovering from his injuries, as Chicago Tribune reports. His injuries appear to be healing, and he shows improvement every day from when the shooting at Chief Keef’s managers’ house occured.

While Cozart’s connection with the shooting at Chief Keef’s managers’ house has been closed, police state that they have identified a person of interest and are currently searching for him. Thankfully, the shooter is believed to live outside the community, so Chief Keef’s neighborhood appears safe for now. However, the shooter’s actual whereabouts are proving hard to lock down. But despite the little evidence from Chief keef’s house they have to go on, authorities are working diligently every day to find out where he is.

Although the shooter has yet to be located, the neighborhood surrounding Chief Keef’s manager is told not to worry. As ABC News reports, police believe that the shooting was an isolated incident, and the safety of surrounding homes and schools is not likely in jeopardy.

Regardless, local police forces are still stationing extra officers in a six block radius from Chief Keef’s manager’s home, in an effort to ensure the safety of local civilians. Additionally, members of the group assembled to look for the suspect, which includes the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force, have increased officer visibility at local schools.

Police are also investigating the possible connection between the Chief Keef shooting and a 911 call that was made from inside Chief Keef’s manager’s house a few hours prior to the shooting. The call reported an armed robbery of the home, and there is a high possibility that the shooter of Chief Keef’s friend was involved.

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