Babysitter Tattoos Children Without Parents’ Consent

A Virginia babysitter is accused of tattooing two children without their parents’ permission. Alexander Edwards, age 20, reportedly used a home-made kit to apply the permanent tattoos. Authorities said both children are under the age of 13.

Edwards agreed to babysit the children while Melissa Delp, age 35, and Daniel Janney, age 32, were out of town. When they returned the following morning, both of their young daughters had tattoos.

Authorities said one of the girls has her name tattooed on her shoulder. It is unknown what was tattooed on the other child.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, Delp and Janney were stunned that the babysitter tattooed their children. Unfortunately, their initial reaction was to remove the ink from their daughters’ skin.

As he did not have the proper tools, Janney attempted to remove the tattoos with a hot razor blade. Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Major L. T. Guthrie said “it didn’t help the situation… it added more scarring.”

Following an investigation into the incident, authorities arrested Edwards and charged him with two counts of felony child abuse, abduction, and malicious wounding.

Tattoo Artist

Delp and Janney were eventually attested and charged with felony child abuse and malicious wounding. Authorities said the “charges stemmed from their response to what they found when they came home.”


Although both parents said the tattoos were applied without their permission, authorities believe the razor was used in “an effort to cover [the] tattoos up.”

GO! Tattoo Removal owner Michael Mucklow said he sympathizes with the family. However, hot razors should never be used to remove tattoos:

“It breaks my heart to know they have gone through something like that… I can’t imagine what it’s like.”

In reputable shops, tattoos are removed using a laser. reports that laser treatments actually break down the pigment in the ink, which allows it to disperse.

Mucklow charges an average of $200 per treatment, but he offered his services to the family free of charge. Although the procedure is non-invasive, complete tattoo removal requires numerous treatments.

Mucklow said if the family is unwilling or unable to travel to his Kutztown, Pennsylvania, shop, he can recommend a shop that is more convenient.

On Monday, both parents appeared for their preliminary hearings. The judge ordered Janney held without bond. However, Delp was released pending trial.

Although Edwards was arrested and charged, the babysitter has not explained what prompted him to tattoo the children.

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