Ebola Outbreak Spreading: How To Protect Yourself

The Ebola outbreak that has hit Guinea and neighboring Liberia has reached dire levels and is continuing to claim lives. According to the World Health Organization, more than 100 people have succumbed to the disease in Guinea, along with another 10 in Liberia.

Dozens of others have been infected and are fighting the disease since the Ebola outbreak started three weeks ago. There is a lot of fear in Guinea, given the seemingly hopeless circumstances in which people are finding themselves, according to Stephane Huggonet, who is with the WHO Department of Global Preparedness. Here’s what he told NPR:

“The mortality rate is extremely important. Nine out of 10 patients will die. If we look at this from the population’s perspective, why would you go to a hospital if you have almost a zero chance of getting out of it.”

While the situation in Guinea and Liberia are dire because of the Ebola outbreak, if you are outside of those countries, you should not feel so concerned. There is less likelihood it will travel across oceans to the Western world.

Eating bats infected with Ebola may be the cause of the latest outbreak.

Having said that, there are things that you and others can do to protect yourselves from the effects of the Ebola outbreak. They include:

Isolation of Ebola Outbreak Victims

As harsh as it might sound, isolating victims of the Ebola outbreak is the best way to constrict the disease from spreading. Because the mortality rate for those stricken with the disease is so high, there is little that can be done once the disease has been contracted.

Respect the Basics of Hygiene

The Ebola outbreak has been able to spread because it is moved from one person to the next when a hospital worker or mourner came into contact with body fluids — like blood or vomit — from someone who has been exposed to the Ebola outbreak.

Avoid Meat From Infected Animals

Some in Guinea and Liberia have been exposed to the Ebola outbreak thanks to eating meat from infected animals — specifically animals like bats.

Use Only Sanitized Needles

Hospital workers in most places in the world will only used sanitized needles, but it appears that the Ebola outbreak in Guinea escalated due to unsanitized needles being used on people who had not yet been infected.

Stay Out of Liberia and Guinea

If the Ebola outbreak hasn’t reached you yet, it probably won’t. Stay out of infected areas.

It is unlikely that the Ebola outbreak will spread to the United States. Guinea is reporting that all Ebola outbreak victims have been located and that the disease has been constricted.

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