Spring Dresses Are Here Again

Spring dresses have returned. After a long hiatus during winter, it’s time to dust off that shorter spring dress in your closet that hasn’t seen natural light in a year!

Every year new trends arise. There are a lot of paired outfits out recently. That is to say, matching patterned shorts with a matching crop top.

Spring dresses are something that women have enjoyed wearing ever since they were allowed to wear clothing above the knee. (In other words, it’s been a while.)

What are the latest trends this spring? Looks like it’s all about prints, according to Cosmopolitan. In January they did an article about spring dresses that pretty much sums up the trends of spring. My favorite? Mesh, floral, monochrome, ladylike, and SURPRISE! denim.

Mesh dresses are fun. You don’t have to get crazy like Miley Cyrus and her SEE THROUGH dress with the pasties underneath. Mesh can be done easily, in moderation.

mesh dress

Take this dress for example. It’s basically like a pencil skirt and a crop top, with a little more covering. Cosmopolitan says of mesh panel dresses:

Sheer panels are a HUGE fashion trend for spring. Avoid looking like Cher in her Turn Back Time video (unless you WANT to, of course) by keeping things fresh for 2014 in crisp white.”

Floral dresses are timeless. They never go out of style and, depending on the print, they typically are flattering. This dress is a beautiful blue with an eye-catching print and a great A-line shape.


Not to mention, that buckle is so Marilyn Monroe.

Monochrome is more of an important occasion dress. It doesn’t just scream “spring,” but it’s a classic staple for a special event.


This demure little beauty is from the Cosmopolitan article. Although horizontal stripes are typically frowned upon in most cases, this dress features a cinched in waist with darting to create a more hourglass figure. The short sleeves allow it to be dressed up or down.

Ladylike dresses are always a good option if you want to look polished and pretty. I tend to lean towards ones that are a light pastel color such as lavender, pale yellow, pale pink or very light aqua. Take this one for example.


It’s ladylike, yes, but it’s also got a bit of an edge with the long sheer skirt over it. The short sleeves make it springy. And it’s long enough to be appropriate without eliciting sideways glances from strangers.

And finally… denim. Welcome to the 90s where denim overall skirts were a thing. Now, they’ve been brought back into the 21st century.

I had to throw this one in, even though it doesn’t really serve as a practical example. This dress was made by Gary Harvey, out of 41 pairs of Levi’s 501 jeans. Neat, huh?

Now, for a more appropriate example…


This dress can be found on the Asos website. It’s got a great A-line shape and the belt cinches you in at the waist giving you a more streamlined figure. The sleeves can be rolled up to allow for hotter weather.

I can’t wait to jump into summer in one of these dresses.