Watch Manchester United Vs. Bayern Munich Live Online, UEFA Champions League

Football fans can watch the Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich match live online and watch as the teams battle it out to see who advances to the UEFA Champions League round of four.

In the first leg of the showdown in England, the teams battled to a 1-1 draw. Though Bayern Munich now has an edge with its away goal, which is used as the tiebreaker if the teams remain drawed at the conclusion of the second leg, they face a Manchester United team that has won on the last two visits to Germany.

The teams will meet in the second leg on Wednesday in Munich, with kickoff at 8:45 pm local time.

Bayern coach Josep Guardiola said his team needs to be sharp and can’t afford to let the English squad score.

“We have to make sure we keep our form, we can’t allow to happen what happened in Manchester, we must not concede a goal,” he said. “We spoke with the team about what to do to win. We have to attack very well. They will wait until we lose the ball and then they will try to counterattack. So we have to be very focused. We had some good chances in Manchester, they just had one.”

Fans who watch the Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich football game live online will see if Manchester can improve play from its first leg. Manger David Boyes, who himself has been on the hot seat this year, believes his squad can play better than they did last week.

“We’ll need a good performance from everybody. We can’t have any passengers,” he said. “All my players are well prepared. We did all we can to prepare properly for this game. We will have to win this ‘final’ to get to the next stage. It is like a cup final, even if it is just the second leg.”

Fans who want to watch the Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich football game live online can click here.

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