Stiletto-Heel Killing: Houston Murder Among Most Bizarre Ever

A stiletto-heel killing has landed a Texas woman in prison, placing it among the most bizarre murders of all time.

On Tuesday a jury in Houston convicted 45-year-old Ana Trujillo of beating her boyfriend to death with a 5-1/20-inch spike-heeled stiletto shoe after the two got into a drunken fight. Trujillo initially tried to claim the stiletto-heel killing was in self-defense, but a jury found otherwise.

Prosecutors said that the woman stabbed her boyfriend in the face about 25 times and had a history of unprovoked violence. A onetime lover testified that about two weeks before the stiletto-heel killing, Trujillo pretended to give him a kiss but instead bit him on the scalp and tore skin off.

“Then she gave me a crazy look and kind of laughed and said, ‘Ho, ho, ho, you’re a dead man,’ ” James Wells testified.

As strange as it may sound, the stiletto killing may not actually be the most bizarre item used as a murder weapon. In 2005, police in Dayton, Ohio, were looking into what fatally burned the infant girl before finally realizing that her mother used a common kitchen appliance.

“That microwave was the murder weapon,” detective Michael Galbraith testified.

As she was questioned by police, the woman tried to blame the microwave killing on her drinking problem, saying: “If I hadn’t gotten so drunk, I guess my baby wouldn’t have died.”

That was not the only parent to turn a kitchen item into a deadly weapon. In Utah, police investigating the 2010 beating death of a 5-year-old found that the girl’s mother used a spatula to strike the girl multiple times.

Another man took to the bathroom to find a murder weapon after his mistress threatened to expose their affair to his wife. The Tennessee man, Marvin Joseph Hill, picked up the toilet tank lid and beat his lover to death with it.

In Texas, Ana Trujillo faces life in prison for the stiletto-heel killing. The trial will move into the penalty phase later this week.