Stiletto Murder: Ana Trujillo Found Guilty

Ana Trujillo was found guilty today in what has become known as the “stiletto murder”. According to the Boston Herald, the Houston woman was convicted of murder for fatally stabbing her boyfriend with a five and a half-inch stiletto heel.

In an earlier report by The Inquisitr, police had been called to the 18th floor of The Parklane building in Houston around 3:50 am on June ninth, 2013 with reports of an assault in progress. When police arrived, they found victim, Dr. Stefan Andersson, lying on the floor. It was Ana Trujillo who had answered the door and her boyfriend discovered.

It was at that point that Trujillo was arrested and charged on suspicion of murder for the stiletto murder. According to The Inquisitr, Andersson was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple stab wounds to the head.

According to ABC News, Trujillo claimed that the stiletto murder happened out of self-defense. Jack Carroll, Trujillo’s attorney, claims that Andersson was much bigger then Trujillo, and when the argument allegedly broke out, she was defending herself at the time she grabbed her high heel and stabbed her boyfriend.

The prosecution believed otherwise. During the trial, the prosecution painted Trujillo has “out of control” on the night of the murder according to CBS News. One witness, a cab driver who took the couple to Andersson’s condo, claimed that Trujillo was angry and yelling during the ride.

The prosecution then went on to say that during the confrontation at Andersson’s condo, Andersson was injured and fell onto his back. It was at that point Trujillo sat on Andersson and repeatedly struck him in the face and head with her stiletto.

Reports state that Trujillo had showed little emotion as the final verdict was being read in court today and was taken into custody shortly after the reading. The Boston Herald reported that she could be heard speaking in Spanish to some friends saying, “I loved him and he was crazy.”

Carroll said he was disappointed with the verdict and Trujillo was “taking it a little hard but she’s pretty tough. I’m hoping that they will be merciful in the punishment.” He continued on to say that he was going to push for a two year prison sentence, though previous reports have stated that Trujillo could face up to life in prison.

A final hearing is scheduled for Wednesday regarding the Stiletto Murder. It is during that hearing where Ana Trujillo will be sentenced.

[Image Via Brian Rogers Twitter Feed]