December 25, 2017
Justin Bieber, Madison Beer Hit Studio Amid Selena Gomez Visit And False Rumors

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just napalmed a truckload of Internet rumors when Selena visited her on-off boyfriend during his writing session at Miami's Hit Factory recording studio with his protégé Madison Beer on Tuesday night, April 8.

Hours before Gomez arrived, Bieber tweeted his 15-year-old discovery, writing,

"Studio today. @MadisonElleBeer u ready? :)"

During the studio session itself -- ever mindful of his selfie app investment -- Bieber tweeted Madison's Shots selfie.

A while later Selena arrived, for some reason leaning heavily on a woman as Justin held the studio's glass doors open as seen in a TMZ-obtained video.

The 21-year-old "Come & Get It" singer wore a casual white, short-sleeved top teamed with a long black, thigh-split skirt, completing her studio hang look by leaving her brunette locks down in loose waves.

Happily posing for a snap with Madison, the younger star sat atop Gomez's knee as Selena playfully vamped with side-swept hair and lips framed in an air kiss.

The picture appears to have been taken by either of Beer's parents --- Robert and Tracie --- both of whom posted numerous social media messages and images from Bieber's session with their daughter earlier.

Selena Gomez Poses With Madison Beer In Miami Studio Session

(Photo via Tracie Beer Instagram, captioned, "And now this beauty comes to visit.")

Gomez's studio visit comes after almost two weeks of rumors alleging cheating improprieties by Bieber.

One accusation claims Bieber slept with a fan at the South by Southwest festival following his Texas weekend with Selena, allegedly after she flew to NYC to shoot an adidas commercial.

Another claimed Justin has been flirting with Miley Cyrus to make Selena jealous despite a total lack of recent pictures of Miley and Bieber together -- or indeed -- any indication from Cyrus' social media postings or new interviews that she is interested in Bieber.

These rumors come amid further claims that the Canadian singer is angry over the Latina's "flirting" with Orlando Bloom, an alleged planned "intervention" by Selena's pals, and a firmly denied Bieber-Gomez sex tape video.

The claims originate from tabloid site Hollywood Life, Star and OK! magazines, which may answer any immediate questions regarding credibility.

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber Hit Miami Studio Together

(Photo: via Robert Beer Instagram.)

From photos of Selena, Justin, and Madison taken at the Miami studio, the session appeared an amiable affair far removed from tawdry and - as yet - unproven claims by gossip outlets.

Justin discovered the then 13-year-old Beer on YouTube in 2012. Echoing Bieber's career start on the video sharing site, the Long Island teenager uploaded clips singing popular past and present R&B and Jazz songs.

Back in July 2012, Bieber endorsed Madison's rendition of Etta James' iconic standard "At Last" on Twitter.

Justin later sent Beer's mash-up of the also Bieber-endorsed Carly Rae Jepsen's massive hit "Call Me Maybe" and own single "Boyfriend" to Jepsen herself, and also did the same with Beers' cover of a Bruno Mars hit.

Fast forward to Bieber's cameo in Beer's music video for her "Melodies" debut single last September and her subsequent signing to Island Records that same month through a 360 production deal with Bieber's manager Scooter Braun's Schoolboy Records.

Beer is reportedly now prepping her first album.

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber Hit Miami Studio Together

(Photo: Instagram.)

Justin Bieber And Madison Beer Make Music In Miami Studio

(Photo: Instagram.)

Bieber's songwriting session with Beer comes after Gossip Cop reported Friday that as well as writing for Young Money teen singer, Austin Mahone last week, Justin is also "working on his own new album while also putting together material for other performers."

While there's no clue on who (Selena) or what (the loaned Bugatti) Bieber may have been referring to in his recent Instagram captioned, "Wondering if she's too high maintenance" --- if Gomez's Miami visit signifies anything it seems Jelena is still going strong.

Enjoy the lull, another batch of featherweight, toxic Bieber and Gomez rumors will be pulling in shortly.

To see more pictures of the pair at the studio, click the highlight.

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Instagram.)

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber In Miami Studio

(Photo: via Instagram.)

Madison Beer And Justin Bieber In Studio

(Photo: Instagram Bieber and Beer check out shots in Miami studio session.)