Lana Del Rey Kisses More than Just Success

Lana Del Rey is making news again, but not in the way most of us expected. Just days after Twitter-teasing, (tweasing?), us with a new track from her much-anticipated and yet to be released Ultraviolence, a naughty picture bounced onto the viral circuit showing the venomous vixen in a lip-lock with another girl assumed to be Jennifer Lawrence. Trending circles exploded with the news that made every heterosexual male in the world tremble with glee, but the joke was on them. Not only wasn't it Jennifer Lawrence in the photograph, or any other famed starlet associated with the picture, the kiss is something far more sweet and innocent.

Lanas kiss

Lana Del Rey comes from a genetic pool filled with great talent. Her father, Rob Grant, carried the family with his delightfully comedic writing and his masterfully produced hit shows such as The Ten Percenters and Red Dwarf. Rey's mother Pat dominated the advertising and marketing company Grey Group as a corporate executive, and her sister Chuck Grant shows great promise as a photographer. Which is where the humorous truth behind the picture really lies.

The photo was taken back in 2012 by Chuck as a bit of a joke, but as the pictures began to swim around the web and the source grew more obscure, imaginations went wild about who the platinum-tressed angel next to Lana could be. Sadly, Dan Evon of leaped to the forefront to toss ice on the boys loins.

"Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence fans freaked out this morning when a picture started circulating around Twitter that reportedly showed the two celebrities kissing. We hate to be the ones to burst your bubble (no, we kind of love it) but the photo is fake." Evon wrote.

Still, Lana's sister Chuck doesn't seem to be to upset to be mistaken for Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, it might just find a way to be profitable for her.

"Comforting to think that if my photography were to fail I could probably work as Jennifer Lawrence's stand-in… #sisters"

Chuck really doesn't have much to worry about though. With the Grant/Del Rey blood that flows through her veins, it's not hard to see she has all the talent she needs to rival her vocally enchanting sister Lana. And maybe one day Miss Lawrence might end up being the stand in instead.

All the Chuckles and bad puns aside, when it comes to Lana Del Rey's lips, the real focus should be on what is coming out of them, rather than what whispers against them. And if you are very lucky, you can get your chance to be there in person and have lady Del Rey weave her hypnotic spell into your soul. But don't be slow getting tickets to the short list of shows she has here in America, because Lana will pass you by faster than a shooting star on a warm summer's night. And missing a Lana Del Ray show, I know from personal experience, is a torment no soul should ever have to face.

Dare to get lost in Lana Del Rey's mesmerizing, freshly arrived mega-hit "Meet Me In the Pale Moon Light" below.

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