Prince George Nanny Makes First Appearance As Royal Tour Begins

The new nanny Kate Middleton and Prince William hired for their son, Prince George, made her first public appearance with the family as the royal tour began on Monday when the party arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, the first stop in their three-week-long tour of the region, which also includes a visit to Australia.

Even though William and Kate are more hands on than other royal parents, there is just no way they can take care of eight-month-old Prince George, while tied up with all their official duties during a jam-packed tour of two of the Commonwealth nations.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43, was seen for the first time with Prince George and his royal parents, as the family was welcomed to the island nation and took care of they young baby a short while later while William and Kate attended the official greeting a few feet away at the Wellington Airport Military Terminal.

Prince George had people all over the world ooing and aahing, after adorable photos of him and mom Kate hit the news wires, showing a very well behaved baby considering the very long flight and time difference.

Borrallo — who is Spanish, but has lived in the UK for 20-years — was seen standing next to one of Kate Middleton’s personal assistants Rebacca Deacon and exited the plane that brought Prince George and his parents to New Zealand shortly before Prince William and Kate.

Prince George’s nanny comes from a well respected family in Spain and is reportedly “totally dedicated” to the royal family. She was hired in March after an extensive search for that perfect person that could take care of the rambunctious royal.

While his parents are busy attending official events planned for them, Borrallo will keep Prince George fed, well rested, and happy so he doesn’t fuss when making a public appearance. Not an easy task, added to the jet lag that will surely affect all members of the party.

Since joining the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George’s nanny has been spotted by paparazzi pushing the royal pram (stroller) through the Kensington Palace gardens where they all live.

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