Disney Infinity Adds Marvel’s Avengers in 2.0 Edition

Disney Infinity adds the Marvel Avengers to the lineup of its successful open world sandbox adventure game. After purchasing the Marvel brand in 2009, Disney has been long rumored to implement The Avengers in various outlets. Disney Infinity is the first video game to feature the Marvel Avengers alongside other iconic Disney characters under the Disney Interactive label.

In the YouTube video above posted on Marvel’s official YouTube channel, Captain America’s iconic shield is recognizable as it rebounds through the landscape knocking over various bad guys and robots. While no actual footage of the First Avenger appears in his Disney Infinity design, it is very clearly a tease of a forthcoming “2.0 Edition” which will likely feature the Marvel Avengers and other super heroes from the legendary comic label as part of the Disney Infinity Experience.

Get ready to assemble. The possibilities are…INfinite. http://t.co/ZyUgv5Ciko pic.twitter.com/1Uss62WaRi

— Disney Infinity (@DisneyInfinity) April 8, 2014

No official word has been released yet to give us any indication if the Marvel Avengers will receive their own Play Sets or what characters will be available first for Disney Infinity. The news is not really a surprise after Polygon’s interview with the CEO of Avalanche Studios, the developers behind Disney Infinity. Many thought the game was winding down even though it was the key to Disney Interactive having its first profitable quarter.

Our biggest question is the “2.0 Edition” for Disney Infinity. Is it simply an update that can be downloaded? Is 2.0 Edition a new boxed copy that gamers will have to buy much like Rock Band required in each iteration? Will 2.0 Edition be a release for the PS4 and Xbox One? We have reached out to Disney Interactive for clarification and will update if and when we hear back.

The development of the Marvel Avengers and other super heroes coming to Disney Infinity also points to the possibility of the Star Wars franchise making an appearance in Infinity at a later date. Weather or not these crossovers will continue in other Disney properties such as the SquareEnix developed Kingdom Hearts 3 has yet to be seen. Keep checking our Gaming section for more news related to Disney Infinity adding more Marvel super heroes to the game.