Nursing Home Sued For Hiring Male Strippers To Entertain Residents

A Babylon nursing home is being sued for hiring strippers as entertainment. According to the lawsuit, East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center hired the men to entertain their female residents. However, the son of an 86-year-old woman said the event was “grotesque.”

In a photograph of the event, Bernice Youngblood does not appear to be disturbed. The elderly woman is pictured sitting in a wheelchair, stuffing a dollar bill down the front of a stripper’s underwear.

In the background, several other residents are pictured, and seem to be enjoying the event. Although one woman is covering her face, the others are smiling and laughing.

In his lawsuit, Franklin Youngblood said his mother was forced to participate. He further alleges that his mother was embarrassed by the incident. Franklin reportedly learned about the event when he found the photograph among his mother’s belongings.

Stripper Nursing Home

As reported by CBS News, Franklin was livid. Attorney John Ray, who represents the plaintiff, said Bernice was intimidated by the stripper and the nursing home staff:

“… she was putting a dollar in his pants at his demand… he’s intimidating her… This might be great for 32-year-old single girls, but this is an 86-year-old traditional, African-American woman who doesn’t want white men sticking their private parts in her face.”

Franklin said he confronted the nursing home staff about the stripper. Although they admitted hiring the strippers for entertainment, they said the event was planned in “good faith.”

The lawsuit argues that the event was of no value to the residents. Franklin and his attorney believe the strippers were hired for the “perverse pleasure and enjoyment” of the nursing home staff.

It is unclear whether any of the residents, including Bernice, expressed discomfort during or after the event. According to the lawsuit, Franklin was unaware of the event until he discovered the photograph.

In the photo it is clear that the stripper is not touching any of the residents. However, Franklin contends that his mother was intimidated by the man’s presence and posture. reports that Franklin believes his mother was “defiled” by the experience.

Franklin is also concerned that the nursing home staff took the dollar bills out of Bernice’s commissary account. As the case is still open, East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has refused to comment on the allegations.

Attorney John Ray suggests that the nursing home hired strippers for entertainment on numerous occasions.

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