‘Captain America 2’: Are Inside References Getting Dangerous?

Captain America 2‘s inside references were nearly everywhere, but there was one in particular that may have been a mistake. There was a scene with Black Widow where she mentioned something in passing that might seem like regular chit chit, but to Marvel trivia buffs, it potentially violated the rights of the studio.

While the film was full of references to other films in the series, most of those references were innocent, pointing to other Marvel films in the past or the future, or even creating a possibly unintentional homage to the comic books.

Captain America and Nick Fury were discussing the airborne carrier’s propulsion system when Nick told Cap that Tony Stark had a close look at the propeller system and decided to change it. That conversation was basically him telling Steve Rogers what he already knew. Cap was helping Iron Man get the propeller working again after it was temporarily disabled in The Avengers.

Garry Shandling came back as a minor villain in Captain America 2, reprising his role from Iron Man 2 where he was trying to get Tony Stark to hand over the suit.

While most of the costumes in the Marvel cinematic universe are based in the Ultimate comics universe, there was a point where SHIELD had captured Captain America, a direct parallel to the same scene in the Marvel “Civil War” story arc. In the comics, he had figured it was a symbolic way to show his ultimate patriotism by finally giving in and getting registered. Combine this with the introduction of James “Bucky” Barnes as the Winter Soldier, and it seems obvious that they’re setting up Steve Rogers to die in a future film, possibly shot in the back like he was at the end of the “Civil War.”

Probably the most continuity-destroying faux pas in the Marvel cinematic universe was the moment when Black Widow casually mentioned Department H. Why was this a bad idea? Department H was the organization behind Wolverine receiving the Adamantium treatment. Wolverine is a Fox character, despite him actually having trained Black Widow at one point.

This ties Captain America 2 in with the X-Men even more heavily than the inclusion of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (the twins we saw in the end credits scene, also the children of the villain Magneto). Unless Marvel/Disney plans to cast a new actor as Wolverine or buy the rights to the X-Men franchise, that was a dangerous dialogue slip.

Kevin Feige might want to keep a better reign on the inside references in the Marvel cinematic universe before he accidentally steps over the line or gives too much away too soon. That reference to Wolverine in Captain America 2 was a bit too close for Marvel trivia buffs.

[image via Screenrant]