Justin Bieber’s Bugatti Just A Loan? Admit It, You’re Less Jealous Now

Justin Bieber’s Bugatti gifting from Cash Money founder Birdman over the weekend brought out some serious jealousy from some.

Although, to be fair, most would have that reaction to hearing a close to $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was given to Bieber.

But here’s some news that may take the green out of your spleen, and stop you from putting those final touches to that Biebs wax doll.

According to TMZ, Birdman only loaned Justin the Bugatti to drive whenever he’s in Miami. Which we’ve got to say is about as much as use as a chippendale in a lesbian relationship, considering Bieber has an expired licence and the last place on earth he should be driving is Miami.

Young Bieber captioned an Instagram photo on Monday of the cherry red exotic sports car, writing, “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity.”

The message certainly read as if the tatted CEO had bought the car for Bieber, but the deal wasn’t as as sweet as that.

It just seems weird to us, given that the boy racer won’t be driving anywhere, anytime soon.

It’s like giving chocolates to a diabetic, solid food to a baby – or getting topical, giving candy to someone who’s circus fat. In fact, it’s almost not a gift.

Still, Bieber seems to think it is and we guess that’s what matters. That, and the fact that he’s free to write what he wants on his Instagram page whether a message is strictly accurate or not.

The Bugatti caps Bieber’s first week back in Miami, during which he has been working with YMCMB signing Austin Mahone – initially on a song Justin brought to the table and perhaps others. And from the gift he’s just been loaned, it looks like “Uncle Stunna” was pleased.

Last Wednesday, Bieber stunned Beliebers and Mahomies when he, Mahone, Birdman and Young Money president Mack Maine posed up for an Instagram snap at Miami’s Hit Factory recording studio.

Justin Bieber In The Studio With Austin Mahone

(Photo: Instagram.)

“New Music #YMCMB,” Justin wrote next to the immediately iconic photo.

Austin later hit his social media accounts and posted the same shot with the note: “What an amazing song last night..the world isn’t ready! @justinbieber.”

People magazine reported,”Justin knew Austin had been in the studio working on his album,” with the source adding, “And he had a song he thought could be really perfect to do with Austin.”

The two stars were later spotted shooting hoops in the studio’s parking lot and subsequently snapped leaving Miami’s Nobu restaurant on Thursday, April 3, after a dinner to celebrate Austin’s 18th birthday which landed the day after.

For the moment, it looks as if Bieber is staying in Miami for a while after sojourns in Atlanta, Georgia and Canada while his Calabasas pad was sold.

He has reportedly rented five suites in a hotel ahead of his May 5 beginning trial on charges of DUI and others after his January 23 arrest in Miami Beach. However, prosecutors and the singer’s lawyers are said to be close to agreeing a plea deal.

Justin has put in some serious face time with Beliebers during his Florida sojourn so far and was seen handing out autographs outside the Hit Factory over the weekend, after reportedly being barred from at least four big Miami nightclubs.

Perhaps Bieber will clarify the status of his Bugatti gift once and for all at some point?

Justin Bieber Working In A Studio

(Photo: Instagram)