CM Punk May Have Cost AJ Lee Her Divas Title On WWE Monday Night Raw, Fans Worry

CM Punk is on the outs with the WWE, and some fans believe his falling out with the company has cost AJ Lee her Divas Championship as well.

The Monday Night Raw following Wrestlemania is typically a high-energy affair, a chance for fans to take in the aftermath of wrestling's biggest event and see some new title holders. But on Monday's edition, it was a chance for new CM Punk conspiracy theories to spin, this time centered around his fiance AJ Lee.

Leading up to Wrestlemania 30, fans and even some wrestling greats like Steve Austin were sure that CM Punk would make his return to the ring.

Punk left the WWE abruptly earlier this year, reportedly growing tired of the demands of wrestling and frustrated that the WWE wasn't giving him a bigger billing. But Punk had been part of some planned outbursts before, leading to a suspicion that after a few months off CM Punk would make his dramatic return during Wrestlemania 30.

When that didn't happen, it started to sink in for many fans that CM Punk is gone from the league for good, and Monday's events seemed to solidify that idea for many.

On the show, Punk's fiance AJ Lee was challenged by Paige in a Divas Champion Match, and ended up losing her title. Immediately fans theorized that it was somehow payback for her relationship with CM Punk.

Others believed that the match was a way for AJ Lee to take some time off as she and CM Punk get married.