“Big Bang Theory” Has Staying Power, First Look At New Episode

CBS’ hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory” shows no signs of slowing down. The hit show just got renewed for three more seasons, meaning “The Big Bang Theory” will hit the iconic 10 seasons mark. Meaning, there’s a lot more of America’s favorite geeky gang to fill your Thursday nights. We hear there’s a lot more in store for the long-running sitcom, including a special Star Wars episode in the works. But for next week? Well, it looks like it’s time for Sheldon to reevaluate his life and go to Penny for a makeover. The synopsis for Thursday’s episode, titled “The Relationship Diremption” reveals that “Sheldon faces a personal crisis after deciding he’s wasting his time with string theory. Meanwhile, a double date between Raj, Emily and the Wolowitz ends in embarrassment for Howard.” Check out the preview clip for the episode below:

So it looks like Sheldon will turn to pal Penny for his new look. According to online spoilers, Sheldon admits that the new look makes him feel like he’s in a “scientific boy band,” while Amy says she doesn’t want other women to see Sheldon “walking around like sex on a stick.” Sheldon decides on his makeover due to a crisis over his career: his considering leaving physics, and string theory in general, calling it a “dead end” and impossible to prove. Do we think that Sheldon will come around by the end of the episode though? It’s tough to imagine Sheldon as anything else but a physicist.

Meanwhile, Howard will attempt a double date with Bernadette, Raj and Emily. This time, instead of Raj being the nervous, embarrassed one, it seems that Howard will be the one with the egg on his face. I wonder what he does to mess it all up so terribly? We’ll have to wait till Thursday’s new “Big Bang Theory” to find out the details.

“Big Bang Theory” sees its fair share of criticism from viewers who scoff at the laugh track, and the portrayal of nerd life, but a recent interview with CNN dismisses the naysayers. “Being on those sets, seeing the detail and production design — they’re all authentic,” says Simon Hedberg, who plays Walowitz. “Everything is 100% accurate. It’s amazing to still discover new stuff in Sheldon’s apartment.”

What do you think of Big Bang Theory’s portrayal of geek life? Are you looking forward to Thursday’s new episode?

Image via CBS