Aquinas College April Fool’s Day Prank Floors Professor With Fake Pregnancy Phone Call

In the prank, a student fooled a new and popular professor who happens to have a strict cell phone policy in his classroom. The professor. Dr. Stephen Barrows, requires that all students either leave their cell phones behind or keep them shut off during his class. If a phone rings while he is teaching, Barrows requires them to answer it and put the speaker phone on.

Bailey Terebinski, a senior at Aquinas College, decided to turn this policy into one heck of an April Fool’s Day prank.

“We just started brainstorming. At first we started thinking of just really ridiculous ideas, but then we remembered the cell phone policy: if your cell phone rang in class, you had to answer it on speakerphone,” Terebinski said.

She arranged a friend to call during the class, and when Stephen Barrows instructed her to answer something unexpected happened.

The voice at the other end loudly announced that Terebinski’s pregnancy results were in, and that she was indeed pregnant. As Barrows squirmed, the person at the other end acknowledged that the father wasn’t in the picture and assured they could help her out.

“We were straight-forward with it and we’re like, ‘your test results have come back,’ right in the first line, ‘you’re going to be a mom!’ ” said Ian MacNeil, Aquinas College senior who was the voice of the pregnancy center worker.

Barrows was clearly floored, covering face with a paper and even publicly apologizing. But then Terebinski revealed the name she planned for the baby — first name April, middle name Fool’s.

The professor shared a laugh, and found it even funnier when he was told that the entire prank was caught on video.

The Aquinas College April Fool’s Day Prank has only been online for two days but is already a viral hit. It has racked up nearly 4 million views already, and gotten picked up by media outlets across the country.