Justin Bieber Back On The Ink, Barred From Big Miami Nightclubs

Justin Bieber may have returned ready to party in Miami, Florida, but Miami not so much.

The 20-year-old superstar was barred from at least four nightclubs on Friday and throughout this past weekend.

According to the Miami Herald, Justin and his entourage of 10 were refused entry at Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge on Friday night and was turned away because he is not yet 21.

At three other clubs, reasons reportedly extended Bieber being underage.

TMZ reported Bieber’s people called ahead to book tables at LIV, Story and Adore before the singer arrived in town last week but were refused, despite promising to spend big.

The website reports the clubs aren’t eager to welcome Justin because the last time he was in Miami he was arrested for a suspected DUI after attending the SET nightclub on January 23, which resulted in reportedly negative press for the venue.

The gossip site claims the nightclubs offered Bieber a loophole – if he performed a song he could come in – as acts do not have to meet the 21 age requirement. But Bieber allegedly said no.

From pictures that emerged of Bieber’s weekend, he occupied himself by skateboarding and meeting fans.

In other Bieber news. He’s back on the ink.

After a run of tattooing sessions in Toronto and 40,000 feet up in the air on a jet, at the end of which Justin declared in an Instagram that he was, “Done with tats 4 a while…Where I wanna be..,” the singer has just had a new tattoo inked which stretches from his right ear to the bottom of his neck.

The new tat spells out “Patience,” and in light of Bieber’s shut out from Miami clubs may well come in handy to remember over the weeks ahead in South Florida.

On a brighter note, the Canadian star received a cherry red Bugatti over the weekend from Cash Money Records founder Birdman, which cap a week of songwriting for Austin Mahone and hanging out with the YMCMB family.

“Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti…#generosity,” Justin captioned his Instagram snap of the exotic car and addressing his gifter with an affectionate nickname.

Justin Bieber's New Bugatti

(Photo: Bieber Instagram).

The super car is said to be worth around $2 million. As yet there’s no word on when Bieber will actually be allowed to drive it.

The singer currently has an expired license, for which he has been charged along with DUI and resisting arrest without violence.

Justin has pleaded not guilty to all three charges and has reportedly hired five suites in a hotel ahead of his May 5 DUI trial.

However, prosecutors and Bieber’s lawyers are said to nearing agreement in a plea deal if he pleads no contest to reckless driving.