Jeffery Dahmer’s Ohio Home To Transform From Murderous Meathouse into Vegan Eatery?

Here’s a vegetable that will be difficult to swallow. The home of the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is up for sale and the people most interested in snatching up the $295,000 property appear to me even more insane that the home’s more infamous past occupant.

According to NBC-affiliate WKYC Cleveland, PETA, the notorious animal rights group known for naked celebrities and over the top activities, sent a letter of inquiry to the real estate agent that is currently dealing with the property and its affairs, Richard Lubinski, with the intent of wanting to open a Vegan restaurant on the property. Sadly, it isn’t as if PETA doesn’t understand the nature of what went on in that house some twenty years previously.

“[The]…murderous actions such as Dahmer’s — from binding victims’ limbs, drugging and dismembering them, refrigerating parts of their bodies, and eating them — are still carried out on other living beings,” the inquiry stated, ” who happen not to be human and that one way to turn evil into good would be to convert the home into a vegan restaurant if a zoning variance can be had.”

Does the thought of eating a soy burger on whole wheat in the room Jeffrey Dahmer was boiling a former acquaintance? This sounds like your place. PETA plans to call the establishment, if they get their hands on it, “Eat for Life: Home Cooking.” If the name doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, a recent statement from PETA reminds us that all steak-loving individuals are no worse to society than Dahmer himself, though in a more eloquent way.

“What Jeffrey Dahmer did shocked everyone, and the violence inherent in putting meat on the table today should also shock all but the most hard-hearted person,”PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk explained. “Establishing a vegan restaurant in Jeffrey Dahmer’s old house would allow people to think of all the individuals who are still being killed and eaten and encourage them to practice kindness to animals with every bite they take.”

Polls say that cows and chickens, above all other species, feel this is a good move for the company, though on the human level it has not been seen as that glorious of a proposal. Fortunately turning a residence into a carnage-free eatery of murderous remembrances take the approval of the city and must adhere to specific zoning ordinances. One thing is for sure though…it’s not what Jeffrey Dahmer would want for lunch.

Jeffrey Dahmer's house in Ohio is for sale again. Where he committed his first crime. Call me creepy, but I'd buy it.

— ryan. (@ryjen7) April 7, 2014

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