Bob Coy Scandal: Megachurch Preacher Resigns

The Bob Coy scandal has prompted the megachurch pastor to resign. On Sunday, Coy announced his resignation as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The respected pastor said he is guilty of "a moral failing... which disqualifies him from continuing his leadership role."

More than 7,500 of the church's 20,000 parishioners gathered to hear the announcement. Congregant Robert Milne said he and many others were stunned:

"Most people were shocked... A lot of people were hurt, a lot of people are disappointed."
Although he was disappointed with the announcement, Milne said Coy deserves forgiveness. He said "we're all sinners and we've all slipped here and there."

Together with his wife Diane, Bob Coy founded seven churches throughout Boca Raton, Boyton Beach, Plantation, and West Boca, Florida. The main church and campus remains in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to his churches, Coy's ministry included digital media, television, and radio programs. As reported by Sun Sentinel, assistant pastors will perform services in Coy's seven churches. However, the digital, television, and radio programs, were immediately suspended.

Church elders issued a statement about the Bob Coy scandal. The leaders said the pastor "will be focusing his full attention on his personal relationship with God and with his family." The church will provide support to Coy and his family throughout "the process of full repentance, cleansing, and restoration."

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Coy started out working in the automotive industry. Although he had a steady job, Coy had a keen interest in the music and entertainment industry. He eventually left the factory to joined a rock n' roll band and move to Las Vegas.

In an interview with 700 Club, he discussed his Vegas lifestyle:

"Getting involved in the casino life, I have now gone from rock and roll to sex and drugs and gambling. I remember on more than one occasion [that I was] not happy with who I was... I was probably living in the worst way I ever had."
Coy said his brother Jim eventually convinced him to change his life through Christianity. He said Jim encouraged him to read the Bible and lead him in prayer:
"At that very point God reached down from heaven, and He saved me. I prayed that prayer, and I've never been the same. It's like, Wow. The next morning I wake up and everything's changed in my life and in my heart."
Following the revelation, Coy left Las Vegas to learn more about the Christian faith. After meeting and marrying his wife Diane, Coy founded the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The megachurch is now one of the largest churches in the nation.

The Bob Coy scandal has rocked the foundation of his entire congregation. However, the pastor is reportedly working toward repenting for his sins.

[Image via Notes From The Cove]