FDNY and NYPD Fight It Out At Hockey Game [Video]

FDNY and NYPD Fight It Out During Hockey GameThe NYFD and NYPD go at it like a pack of wolves on Sunday. What happens to men when you put them in a rink with a stick and a helmet? Do they lose all sense of right and wrong? Is it the competition that takes over their minds and bodies?

Every year the FDNY and NYPD play a charity hockey game. This year started out as no different than any other at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, LI. It was during the second period when the score was 3-3 when the violence broke out per NYPost.com. The NYPD Finest and FDNY Bravest brawled for over a minute, which is a long time, while the crowd chanted things such as “PD Sucks” as cheering, clapping and whistling ensued, according to NewsDay.com. The crowd always loves a good hockey fight. Especially when it involves first responders for some odd reason.

Cell phones were out taking pictures and videos all over the arena as FDNY and NYPD fists were slung and the ice became covered in helmets, sticks and gloves. Yes, they even took the gloves off for this one. Multiple videos were being uploaded to Youtube and Instagram and by the end of the night, the videos already had thousands of views.

After the referees struggled to break up all the ruckus among the FDNY and NYPD, there was a twenty-five minute delay while the referees had the ice cleared of all the garb, helmets, gloves and anything else that could have been used as a weapon. The refs also had to compile a long list of penalties and ejected FDNY and NYPD players. Moms everywhere must have been proud. “Yeah, that’s my boy,” I’m sure they were saying.

Despite all the action, NYPost.com reports that there were plenty of black eyes and bruises to go around but there were no serious injuries to be found amongst the FDNY nor the NYPD players. One police officer in the stands claimed that he had been coming to these annual charity games every year for twenty years, and never had he ever seen a “bench-clearing, cop-firefighter brawl before,” as reported by NYPost.com. Let’s hope no one sees another such display of brouhaha between the FDNY and NYPD again for a very long time.

In case you are wondering about the outcome of the game, NewsDay.com reports that “the game continued after the fight and the NYPD won 8-5. It was the NYPD’s first victory after five straight wins by the firefighters.” Better luck next time FDNY.

Photo credit: NYDailyNews.com