Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Remain Strong: ACM Duet Proves Country Couple’s Enduring Romance

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are the Brangelina of country. And just like their Hollywood counterparts, the country superstars also face constant streams of battering rumors regarding the state of their marriage. Nevertheless, as confirmed last year by the Inquisitr, Tim and Faith’s rep denied all rumors pertaining to an alleged split-up, adding that their marriage can’t get any happier. This was one big sigh of relief for the couple’s fans who have been supporting their relationship since day one.

And as a treat to their ever loyal supporters, Tim and Faith performed a sudden duet of McGraw’s latest song “Meanwhile back at Mama’s” during the ACM awards. Tim and Faith, who have been together for 17 years, expressed their everlasting affection for each other through the wonderful melody of McGraw’s latest song, which describes the nostalgic simplicity of growing up in a small town.

The country power couple didn’t fail to bring the audience to a pleasant, bubbly mood through classic country sounds, while the two stared affectionately at each other during the duet on stage. The two even exited the stage holding hands.

McGraw, who wore a sleek tux and a signature cowboy hat, began the performance alone before he was joined by his lovely wife, who wore a blindingly beautiful sequined gown to the ACM event. The two, both 46, proved to fans that their bond is tighter than ever through their wonderfully blended voices and their onstage connection with each other.

The couple never confronted the divorce rumors themselves, although those who worked with them tenaciously squashed the split-up gossips. According to a few sources, the rumor started from claims by the National Enquirer which gave “details” on the allegedly shaky ties between Tim and Faith, including the latter’s apparent mistrust of her husband and former’s dismay over said mistrust. The tabloid even went on to described a link between McGraw and Taylor Swift, which allegedly turned their relationship into a “battlefield.”

However, the rumor was as easily debunked as it quickly scattered. Today, the two are clearly, madly in love with each other, and their romance has obviously endured despite the incessant rumors. “Meanwhile back at Mama’s” made its debut on April 6, during the ACM’s celebration of the best country singers in the US. Big winners of the ACM awards include legendary country singer George Strait, who won entertainer of the year, and Jason Aldean for male vocalist.

Who else is as inspired by the sweet, sweet love of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill?