Goonies Never Say Die! Goonies Sequel Confirmed

Goonies fans, the sequel is coming!

While die-hard Goonies fans will undoubtedly be professing their “retropactums” of the cult flick, the making of a sequel to the movie Gen X-ers have held in their hearts for decades is in the works! The 1985 film’s director, Richard Donner, confirmed the sequel to TMZ in an impromptu interview while signing autographs:

Donner hopes to bring back all of the stars of the original Goonies for the sequel. This would mean fans of the infamous childhood adventure may get the chance to watch Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin and Jeff Cohen all together again. Corey Feldman is a huge proponent of a Goonies’ sequel according to The Guardian. Feldman just wants to make sure that the script is just right. The actor tweeted:

The original adventure captured a group of Oregon pre-teens trying to save their homes as a country club development loomed above their stomping grounds. The children find themselves on the hunt for a pirate treasure to save their neighborhood.

Donner and Spielberg, the story’s writer, have kept fans’ hopes up for years, hinting occasionally about making a sequel to Goonies. It seems that, finally, a sequel will actually happen.

Nay-sayers aren’t convinced that this isn’t just another empty promise. In 2011, the director told Movieline he would bring Goonies to Broadway.

“We’re really trying extraordinarily hard to get it made. It’s a tough road — Broadway is another world totally — and hopefully, probably around September, we’ll be talking a lot more positively. We have Tim Long doing the book, and it’s quite good. The process on Broadway is another world. But if we’re going there with ‘Goonies’ — which has such a great following, a great life — it has got to be the right thing. Hopefully we’ll be presenting it to you in the spring of the following year.”

Sean Astin, according to IGN, has been completely convinced there will be a Goonies 2 though, saying “I’m 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it.”

Feldman countered his long-standing co-star, “Oh my God,” the actor said, “I am betting no child on this matter.”

What’s your take? There’s no need to wager any offspring… a simple comment below will suffice. Do you think the promises of a Goonies‘ sequel will pan out?

[Photo by Ambrose Heron]