Sony Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers for Insomniac’s ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ on April 8

April 8 will find Sony shutting down multiplayer servers for the entire Resistance console game series. Spanning Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3 the series originally started as a launch title for the PlayStation 3 in late 2006. It is unclear if Resistance: Burning Skies on the PSP will be affected by the shut down.

Originally announced on their Twitter feed on April 4, the shutting down of multiplayer servers would be accompanied by Insomniac employees playing online alongside of gamers to help relive memories of the 8 year history of the franchise. Insomniac provided some clarification to the news in follow up tweets as seen below.

Resistance: Fall of Man was the first game in the series to be released alongside the PlayStation 3 at launch in 2006. It was the first PlayStation 3 game to reach 1 million units sold. With the shutting down of the multiplayer servers, the first game will likely be the least affected as multi-player users will normally gravitate toward the next game in the franchise or another online game.

Resistance 2 was released 2 years later in November of 2008 with both a single player and co-op campaign along with the traditional multiplayer. Resistance 3, the final game in the console series, was released in late 2011 and it bucked many of the modern trends of first person shooters such as regenerating health, limitations on how many weapons can be carried at once and so on.

Resistance 3 will likely be the most affected title by the shut down of the multiplayer servers not just because of its age, but because it anyone who plays the game after April 8 will not be able to achieve all the trophies for the game. As more games age and the multiplayer servers shut down as we have seen with GameSpy, the goal of achieving 100% of the Trophies or Achievements become an impossible goal.

Gaming site Gameranx,noticed the lack of the PSP game Resistance: Burning Skies from the list. While Sony makes the call on that game as well, shutting down multiplayer servers for the PSP spin-off would not be a giant leap.

April 8 is also another day in which multiplayer servers are being shut down as Nintendo is flipping the switch for the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. All Wii and DS systems will no longer be able play online multiplayer games across the internet.

As consoles move further into the next generation, it is a common practice to find companies shutting down multiplayer servers for games that are old in favor of moving onto new games or franchises. Gamers who find themselves wanting to achieve 100% on their games with multiplayer trophies should turn copies on and start playing sooner rather than later.

Image Source | Insomniac Games