‘Pokemon X And Y’ Sales Reach An Epic 12 Million: Could ‘Pokemon Z’ Be In The Works?

Pokemon X and Y sales for the 3DS are making it the most successful release the portable console has ever seen, and nobody is surprised. Last year around this time, rumors about the game were some of the hottest news in gaming, and now the game itself is basically the portable equivalent of Grand Theft Auto 5.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, GTA 5 won seven Guinness World records, not just for video games, but for media in general. It literally sold faster than any Blu Ray Marvel movie to date, earning over a billion in less than a day, and became Inquisitr‘s first Xbox 360 Game of the Year. At one point, Pokemon X and Y was potentially challenging GTA 5 for its sales position.

Pikachu and his hundreds of pocket-sized friends have been entertaining us for over a decade now, with Pokemon Red and Blue having been the title that helped the original GameBoy become the legend it is. The idea of capturing hundreds of pocket monsters and battling them against each other was an instant hit, drawing an audience from every demographic, possibly even drawing non-gamers into the fun. The game series has even spawned a successful cartoon series.

Pokemon X and Y sales have proven that Gamefreak still has what it takes to sell a great game on a portable device. The sales of the latest two entries in the Pokemon series could even ensure the release of the rumored Pokemon Z.

With the Legendary monsters allegedly being taken from the Norse mythology of Yggdrasil, and the games having been named after dimensional coordinate letters, Pokemon Z could feature a Water and Dragon Type pocket monster as its Legendary addition. The Legendary might even be a Mega Evolved version of one of the weakest pocket monsters in the game, Zygarde.

Nintendo has proven beyond all doubt that Pokemon will sell portable devices, as the game has from the beginning. It’s not just the cutesy image of Pikachu that has given life to the series, but the idea of catching and training your own choices out of what is now over 600 of said monsters.

Some pocket monsters have come and gone over the years, and some have been redesigned, and still others brought back, such as the Red and Blue starters. Gamers have proven that even a possessed sword can be a worthwhile catch. The numbers of Pokemon X and Y sales are the proof that Pikachu and his friends aren’t going away any time soon.

Even the delay of the Pokemon Bank and Poke Tranporter apps weren’t enough to stop us from buying 12 million copies worldwide and making Wii U (and possibly PSP) owners jealous. Having been the first Pokemon games to have been released simultaneously across the planet, Pokemon X and Y sales have also proven that the switch to 3D gameplay isn’t always a bad idea.

Do you think we might see the release of Pokemon Z?

[image via kawaiikitten.com]