Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: Proof To Cheating, Sex Tape, Flirting Rumors?

A juggernaut-full of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez flirting, cheating, sex tape rumors got dumped on the Internet this past week. Each are uncorroborated by proof and between them allegedly involve Miley Cyrus, Orlando Bloom, a nameless fan, and even Seth Rogen.

For your consideration:

Justin is allegedly flirting and being “extra friendly” to Miley Cyrus to make Selena jealous, because she allegedly flirted with Orlando at a recent We Day event in California. Gomez, Bloom and well known Bieber-hater Rogen, were guest speakers at the event.

The point of origin for this couplet of rumors is Hollywood Life.

HL — who unfailingly have a source for every gossip story they publish, even the ones they don’t get exclusives on — is claiming a source told them Bieber is angry and jealous over an Instagram snap Gomez posted of herself, Bloom and Rogen, while backstage at We Day a couple of weeks ago.

Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom, Seth Rogen

(Photo: Gomez, Bloom, Rogen at We Day Conference, March 26.).

The gossip site writes, “This latest interaction between Selena and Orlando must be a huge slap in the face to the troubled pop bad-boy.”

Then adds, “The picture was posted to her Instagram account, and was probably the reason for Justin’s alleged jealous accusations.”

“Must be,” “Probably the reason,” and “alleged jealous accusations,” are the key phrases in that bunch perhaps?

The site also claims Justin wasn’t amused by Selena hanging out with Rogen because of the actor’s previous comments. Notably, Rogen’s tweet in January read, “All joking aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of S_,” the same day as the “Baby” singer’s suspected DUI arrest in Miami Beach.

Now, Hollywood Life claims Bieber is using Cyrus to play games with Gomez. The site notes a tweet sent by Bieber’s father, Jeremy, on March 31, which read:

Change of plans. Quick hello to @mileycyrus and off to the studio with @Justinbieber @JazmynBieber

— Jeremy Bieber (@JeremyBieber) March 31, 2014

From that, it appears most outlets have put 2 + 2 together and made 999, and concluded a Bieber-Miley flirting fest ensued.

Citing a source they claim is close to Justin, Hollywood Life quotes the purported insider, as saying:

“He knows that it bugs Selena when he hangs out with Miley so of course he wanted her to know about it.”

The source adds, “He’s feeling insecure and he wants to make her feel the same way. Their drama always starts because they don’t trust each other.”

Into the mix of the Miley and Orlando comes Star magazine’s new claim that Bieber allegedly cheated on Selena with a fan at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW), once his whirlwind Texas weekend with Gomez ended and she flew to NYC to shoot an adidas NEO commercial on March 11.

“He couldn’t resist,” says a purported ‘source.’

Now, according to Hollywood Life, Selena’s pals are so worried Justin’s alleged cheating will send the starlet back to rehab they are mulling an intervention to end the “toxic”relationship.

“They’ve talked about staging some sort of intervention to get her away from him but at this point that would only push her closer to him,” a purported source said. “Until he screws up again there’s not much that anyone can do.”

Last on the list of unproven and dubiously sourced claims comes OK! magazine, insisting a source told the publication: “Justin Bieber has been bragging to pals about the secret sex videos he’s made with Selena Gomez.”

After checking with a Gomez insider, Gossip Cop were previously told “no intervention(s)” are planned, and more recently that the sex tape is “yet another untrue rumor,” and “there’s no tape.

These Bieber-Gomez claims that provide no physical proof, use likely invented sources, and make unverifiable accusations will continue to be churned out as long as people want to read about alleged sex, lies, cheating, flirting — and videotape.

Which should give you an idea of just how long that will be.