New Breast Cancer Drug Raises Hopes Among Patients With ‘Promising Results’

Breast cancer patients have received renewed ray of hope following tests of a new drug created by drug maker Pfizer having shown encouraging results. The drug, known as palbociclib has undergone early clinical trials with advanced breast cancer patients and has shown that it has the capability to prevent the cancer from worsening, reports Yahoo.

Another report by Reuters adds that the drug has during clinical trials managed to double the amount of time breast cancer patients lived without the disease showing signs of worsening. That said, palbociclib has not yet been proven to improve the survival rate of patients suffering from breast cancer.

In a study conducted by Pfizer during phase two of the drug’s testing, palbociclib was tested with women who were suffering from the most common form of breast cancer. The study involved researchers using palbociclib along with hormone drug letrozole. It was seen that patients who were treated with a combination of these two drugs lived for an average of 20.2 months before their cancer progressed. In contrast, those where were treated with Letrozole alone lived only for 10.2 months following which their breast cancer worsened. This study involved over 165 patients who were at various stages of breast cancer.

Palbociclib is counted by researchers as being part of a new class of cancer drugs that target specific proteins to block tumors. While some researchers are skeptical about the test results already, they have added that the scientific community has lots of hopes pinned on these new class of anti-cancer drugs, especially against breast cancer, the most common form of cancer among women.

Meanwhile, the arrival of palbociclib couldn’t have come at a better time for Pfizer who is placing a huge bet on the new breast cancer drug. Current estimates say that once the drug is introduced, it could generate sales in excess of $5 billion for Pfizer. This is of course only if the drug is approved by regulators.

In the meantime, the Food and Drug Administration will only approve the use of palbociclib after it undergoes broader testing. There has however been instances in the past when the FDA did accelerate the approval process for promising new drugs. Whether the same would be applicable for this new breast cancer drug is mouthing that is yet to be seen.

Another Inquisitr report had recently talked about the link between breast cancer and bras – a contentious issue among many people.

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