Oklahoma Man Impersonates Police Officer For Spray Tan Discount, Ends Up in Jail

There isn’t a spray tan on earth worth going to jail for! However, one Tulsa, OK man obviously feels otherwise. Dustin Lee Bell was arrested after flashing a police officer’s stolen badge at a local tanning salon in Jenks, OK.

According to News 9, Bell became angry with the tanning salon manager because he didn’t want to pay the $34.00 retail price for a spray tan. He wanted a law enforcement discount, and specifically asked to pay only $10.00! Most consumers are well aware that discounts do not enable you to make price selections.

In most cases, you’re only given a reduction on the retail price. Apparently, Bell felt he’d be taken into consideration for “pulling rank.” The At the Beach tanning salon manager stated that Bell was wearing the Sand Springs Police Department badge on the outside of his sweater during his rant for a price reduction. When it became clear that Bell was adamant about his request, the manager immediately contacted the police.

The police report also cited that the salon manager noticed a bottle was missing from the counter when he returned from making the call. Bell was taken into custody shortly after. However, he didn’t come clean about the whole charade just yet. He continued to lie about how he obtained the wallet, claiming that he’d found it at a local car wash in South Tulsa. But, the truth was eventually revealed, as things only got worse for him during the Tulsa County jail booking process.

A detective with the Sand Springs Police Department also discovered that in addition to the stolen badge, Bell had quite a few stolen items in his possession. Officers also discovered that he had a stolen Sam’s Club membership card in his wallet, as well. Ironically, the membership card belonged to the same Sand Springs police officer whose badge was stolen.

Bell has been charged with possession of stolen property, petit larceny and impersonating a police officer.

Image via Tulsa County Police Department