NYPD VS FDNY: Charity Hockey Game Turns Into Brawl

A charity hockey game between the New York Police Department and the Fire Department of New York turned violent on Sunday when the two teams started to brawl on the ice.

The encounter turned so physical that everyone except the two goal keepers rushed into center ice to get involved in the tussle. It’s probably safe to say that they have since been lambasted for not joining in.

A video depicting the fight, which took place at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, on Sunday, has since been uploaded. However, it’s almost impossible to figure out what led to the various altercations as the clip simply starts half-way through and then shows the fights lasting for close to four minutes. You can watch it above.

The New York Post has since reported that referees were unable to control the various bouts that had exploded during the second period, with numerous one-on-one fistacuffs taking place across the ice.

An NYPD Cop who was at the game described the scene, stating, “It was reminiscent of the old-time Rangers-Flyers games in the mid-70s. I was waiting for Dave Schultz [a former Philadelphia Flyers enforcer] to come out on the ice.

The cop also added that he had been coming to watch the game for 20 years and had never seen such a display of violence take place.

It’s believed that the match was 3-3 during the second-period when the incident kicked off, and there was a 25-minute delay so that equipment could be picked up, and referees could eject and discipline the necessary players involved in the fracas.

But, it clearly rattled the FDNY more than their competitors because the NYPD eventually ran out as 8-5 winners. However, it’s safe to say that will be a minor side-story to the violence that has now overshadowed the New York Police Department’s triumph.

You can check out some more videos closer to the action below:

Going into this year’s contest, which has been played between the two teams for 41 years, the Fire Department had a winning steak of five matches on the bounce. However, the NYPD’s triumphant, if bloody, victory means that the FDNY now only holds a record of 23-16-2 over their adversaries.

No-one appeared to be seriously injured in the debacle, which was a perfectly timed homage to Wrestlemania, the annual WWE extravaganza that was filmed just a few hours after this icy joust between New York’s finest and bravest.