WWE Network Glitches Mar The WrestleMania 30 Live Stream

WWE Network glitches have been marring the WrestleMania 30 live stream ever since the action started, but as the main events started to come on things only got slightly worse… so far.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, WWE fans who did not want to commit to a six month contract tried to find a free WrestleMania 30 stream to watch but in general management tried to lock the event down to only one path. Because of the strain the system would suffer it was actually feared that the WWE Network stream might crash during WrestleMania 30:

“Notwithstanding the overwhelmingly positive response to WWE Network, we want to ensure subscribers have the highest-quality experience watching WrestleMania 30 and all our programming, and thus have put in place significant quality assurances. These steps include increased capacity to handle high volumes of transactions, logins, and concurrent live streams, daily ‘stress’ testing of all systems over an extended period, and the addition of technology experts to review our plan and procedures. We’re confident that we’ll be ready on Sunday, April 6.”

So far the WWE Network glitches have not too been bad. The major instance we noticed was when we were treated to some deja vu when a small section of video featuring Steve Austin looped back again, making us wonder if he’d just repeated himself. The only thing about the WWE Network errors is that sometimes we’d be treated to an unplanned instant replay of certain interesting moments, including when The Undertaker started punching Brock Lesnar back into a corner.

Overall, we could tell the WWE Network streaming glitches only became noticeable when the main events started playing. During the two hour pre-show we did not notice a single error and the image quality was stellar. Unfortunately, once everyone started watching WM 30 that’s when things started to fumble a little. Anyone who is familiar with Hulu Plus and Netflix knows that when your connection suffers issues then it drops the resolution rather than buffer. Well, the WWE software is designed the same way since we often noticed the resolution dropping to something that seemed lower than even 720p.

All in all, compared to other live streams we’ve watched the WM 30 broadcast is holding up pretty well. It could be said that at least the WWE did not forget to pay the power bill like the Super Bowl once did.

How has your WrestleMania 30 live streaming experience been… notice any glitches?