Would You Live-Tweet The Birth Of Your Baby? A Twitter Employee Did #Inlabor

Has it ever crossed your mind to live-tweet the birth of your child? A loyal Twitter employee did just that when her contractions started and posted her whole experience on social media.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) — who lives in Buenos Aires with her husband — may just be the first woman to go into labor and take to social media during her contractions.

They started on Saturday when the first-time-mom wasn’t sure if she was going into labor (from experience, it’s not always clear) and if her water had broken, so naturally Claire took to Google to research and so the whole live-tweeted birth process started:

A few moments later the live-tweeted birth took its initial steps when @Claire realized that, yes, she was actually #inlabor:

Showing that she is a loyal employee through and through, Claire even wore a jacket with her Twitter handle sown on it.

And apparently — as is the case in many instances — #labor came in earlier than her due date indicated and she didn’t even have her hospital bag ready.

And — as is also not uncommon — other obstacles stood in between Claire and the hospital, while her contractions increased in frequency and intensity. The live-tweeted birth got interesting for those following in real time when she said:

The couple stopped at a gas station to have the car looked over and the mechanic gave them the go-ahead that saying it was fine, however minutes later it looked like the live-tweeted birth would happen on the side of the road in a busy highway.

Everything was fine and Claire was on the road to motherhood. Now she only needed her ice chips, since she forgot her bag with the Us Weekly and chocolate.

For those annoying people bugging Claire about the name of her baby, here it is:

Now, this may be a first and start a trend, where Twitter users give all kinds of details about a birth when the mom is an avid social media user and decides to live-tweet the event for the entire world. What do you think of sharing such a personal moment on Twitter? Should @Claire get a bonus?

[Image via @Claire/Twitter]