Illegal Immigrants To Get Amnesty For Military Service? Steve King Says, ‘We Have A Bus For You To Tijuana’

Illegal immigrants have been a hot topic these past several years, with Democrats and Republicans arguing over immigration reform bills. But now Congressman Steve King has drawn the line by saying illegal aliens simply need to be deported by the busload.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one infamous incident involved an illegal immigrant who sued the very firefighters who saved his life because they did not act quickly enough. It also made the headlines when the Mississippi welfare department seized the child of an illegal immigrant only to be sued in the process.

In political circles talks about amnesty for illegal immigrants has shifted to discussing options where the millions of illegal aliens are given the opportunity to earn their citizenship in some manner. Some Democrats have suggested either fines or the possibility of allowing illegal immigrants to enlist in the military instead of being deported.

But Steve King thinks that proposal is a bad idea from the start:

“As soon as they raise their hand and say, ‘I’m unlawfully present in the United States,’ we’re not going take your oath into the military, but we’re going to take your deposition and we have a bus for you to Tijuana. That’s the law. If we’re going to put out the bait, which is: come into the U.S., break in, so to speak, smuggle yourself into the military, put on the uniform of the United States, take an oath to uphold our Constitution, which may or may not mean anything to them, and now we’re going to reward you with citizenship — I think it’s just a bizarre thing to do, to reward people for breaking our laws. That’s what amnesty is.”

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz responded to King by saying he was insulting the hispanic community:

“This rhetoric is insulting, unacceptable and harmful. These most recent comments by my Republican colleagues are a new low in Republicans’ attempts to insult Hispanics and the immigrant community and derail immigration reform.”

Do you think it’s a good or bad idea to allow illegal immigrants to earn their citizenship by enlisting in the US military?