CM Punk: WWE WrestleMania 30 A No-Show, So What Are Philip Brooks’ Options?

CM Punk’s WWE return was apparently one of the most searched for topics leading up WrestleMania 30, but now that he was a no show everyone is wondering what may happen next.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when we considered the Daniel Bryan finale match against Randy Orton and Dave Batista we realized it was probably the perfect moment for Philip Brooks to come a knocking, especially with the way that Triple H interrupted the match in such an unfair manner.

But in the end it was not to be and now we’re simply left wondering whether or not Punk will ever return to the ring. After disappearing once Royal Rumble was handed over to Batista, Vince McMahon indicated Punk was simply on a sabbatical and Hulk Hogan made mention of a vacation. There were even CM Punk WrestleMania 30 T-shirts being sold by the WWE so it was assumed by many that the whole thing was a charade intended to hype up his impending return. At the same time, it was also said that Triple H was personally offended for real by the whole affair, not just from a story line perspective. Considering Punk’s absence it would also seem he was not bluffing about being angry, either.

So at this time there seems to be only a few options, and that’s assuming any deal can be made. Some have already suggested that a tag team match of CM Punk and Daniel Bryant VS Randy Orton and Dave Batista would make sense given the history. There’s also rumors that WrestleMania 31 could have Steve Austin VS CM Punk. It’s possible that CM Punk’s WWE return will be in a less spectacular fashion or he could become a part-timer like Brock Lesnar and The Rock, but I doubt Phil would find those options appealing.

So, really, WrestleMania 30 would have been the perfect moment to capitalize on the desire of the fans but now I personally predict that interest will start to falter now that this opportunity was missed. At the same time, with CM Punk and AJ Lee being engaged it would be pretty awkward for him to be following his Diva wife around when her boss hates his guts. There’s also been a lot of talk about a CM Punk UFC fight since he has been studying MMA fighting styles these past several years.

Do you think CM Punk will ever return to pro wrestling?