Jared Leto Is ‘Anti’ Rock, Says Subways’ Billy Lunn

Jared Leto has been on a hot streak these past few months. He won an Oscar for his supporting role in Dallas Buyers Club back in March, and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, just finished the eighth leg of their Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams Tour. But The Subways lead singer, Billy Lunn, thinks Leto and his band are “all a smoke screen.”

Lunn spoke to the UK’s Mancunian Matters about his band’s upcoming album, which is still a work in progress. But before he went into detail on that, he took a few jabs at Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Back in June of 2013, Lunn tweeted that Leto’s band is “the antithesis to what rock music means.” During the interview, he clarified what he meant by that.

“For me, and what I’ve heard, they’re not musicians; it’s all a smoke screen,” he said. “Jared Leto living in a mansion in Hollywood, they don’t know what rock and roll is, they’re anti everything I got into music for.”

Lunn added that he would like to see AC/DC crash one of 30 Seconds to Mars’ concerts and put on a “real” show.

“You’d just want Angus Young to swing into one of their shows on a wrecking ball and take them out and show you a real rock and roll show,” he said

Later in the interview, Lunn mentioned that AC/DC was the reason he wanted to get into the music business.

“And now that I get to do that myself I am just so grateful, especially towards our fans. It’s them who I go wild for,” he added.

Since the interview, Jared Leto fans have been coming to the defense of the 42-year-old actor/musician by attacking Lunn on Twitter. But he is not afraid to fire back; telling one person to “crawl back under you [sic] Jared Leto duvet set and shhhhhh,” while telling another that he slammed the band because he thinks they “suck.”

@Lady_Hopeth – Again, a boring (and, more aptly, wrong) conclusion. Crawl back under you Jared Leto duvet set and shhhhhh.

— Billy Lunn (@billysubway) April 6, 2014

@CarlotaReal10 – No, I was slamming him because I think he and his band suck. No more attributes needed. Ijit. — Billy Lunn (@billysubway) April 6, 2014

Leto has not responded to Lunn’s comments yet. Instead, he’s been posting pictures from the tour and thanking people for the “nearly 3 million” Facebook Likes.

Jared Leto and his band are currently on break from touring after a performance in Bangkok, Thailand. Their ninth leg of the tour will begin on April 30 in Quito, Ecuador and end on May 18 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dallas Buyers Club was Jared Leto’s first film since 2009’s Mr. Nobody. It was also the first role for which Leto won an Academy Award. His IMDb page doesn’t list any current film projects.