Missing Jet Deliberately Avoided Indonesia Radar As Flight MH370 Flew To Nowhere

The missing Malaysia Airlines jet now the subject of a stepped-up search racing against time to recover the Flight MH370 black box, appears to have deliberately steered around Indonesian airspace on its way to its final crash site in the Indian Ocean, a new report has revealed.

If the report proves accurate, it only increases the mystery of what went on in the cockpit of the missing jet, causing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to veer thousands of miles off of its planned hop from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Deliberate Steering Around Indonesia Contradicts “Ghost Plane” Theory

It would also appear to contradict an earlier “ghost plane” theory. Under that hypothesis, an on-board crisis such as a fire or unexpected drop in cabin pressure would have overcome the passengers and the flight’s crew, leaving the missing jet to fly on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel, with everyone on board already unconscious or dead.

But if the pilots, or whoever was at the controls, purposefully steered the plane around the area where it could be detected by Indonesian aviation controllers on the ground, the possibility that Flight MH370 was being consciously navigated to its doom appears far stronger.

The new information was reported by news network CNN Sunday, citing an unnamed Malaysian government official.

Newly Examined Radar Data Shows Northward Curve Around Indonesia

According to the CNN source, investigators recently reviewed radar data provided by several countries as they attempt to piece together a more complete picture of the final flight path taken by the missing Malaysia Airline jet.

Before Flight MH370 locked into its final southward course over the Indian Ocean, in the direction of the South Pole, it curved to the north, causing the Boeing 777-200 jet to avoid Indonesian airspace and evade that country’s radar, which might have picked up the flight. By that time on March 8 the Malaysia Airlines jet had been missing for hours.

Hijacking Remains A Possibility, Expert Says

The missing Flight MH370 route, “goes to the designated waypoints that we use,” aviation expert Miles O’Brien told CNN. “This particular route that is laid out happens to coincide with some of these named intersections. So what it shows is an experienced pilot somewhere in the mix on this.”

O’Brien said that he is not necessarily accusing the pilots of the missing jet of diverting the aircraft. The plane could have been hijacked and a highly trained pilot placed at the controls.

None of that explains, of course, the “why” behind the bizarre flight path of the missing jet, or what the person or persons at the controls hoped to accomplish by flying the Malaysia Airlines plane into the Indian Ocean.