Mother, Stephanie Greene, Sentenced For Killing Her Newborn While Breastfeeding

A 39-year-old mother, Stephanie Greene, was sentenced to twenty years in the slammer after the jury found her guilty of killing her baby. The exact charges, according to brought against Greene were homicide by child abuse, involuntary manslaughter and unlawful conduct toward a child. Greene’s daughter, Alexis, was only forty-six days old when she died from a drug overdose by nursing from her whacked up mother.

Greene’s baby died on November 13, 2010 from respiratory failure due to the high dosages of morphine and other drugs in Greene’s system as she continually breastfed her baby, according to

This story becomes even more interesting when you hear the background leading up to the death of her child. Greene had actually been a registered nurse at one time, but says she lost her license when she was charged with illegally obtaining controlled substances. Obviously, drugs has been a problem in her life for quite some time.

Greene began receiving prescribed drugs for an infirmity she had obtained during a 1998 car accident. Both doctors claimed that had no idea how much medication Greene was actually taking. Greene was also able to hide the fact that she was pregnant from both doctors she was seeing as they continued to prescribe the medications. Maybe doctors should be more responsible in giving a pregnancy test before prescribing strong medications to women of child-bearing years. Shouldn’t they somehow be responsible, as well?

What is even more baffling is that Greene stopped going to see those doctors when she was no longer able to hide her pregnancy, and sent her husband in her place to pick up the drugs. So, now, the doctors are continuing to prescribe strong medications without even seeing Greene. Does anyone else find this appalling? And her husband, who certainly knows she is having a child, runs interference for her by picking up the drugs. Is he not concerned about the medications Greene is taking while she is carrying his child?

Another red flag to Greene’s current husband should be the fact that she lost custody to her first two children in 2003 due to child neglect, as reported by Wouldn’t he think about that as he’s carrying the bag of drugs and handing them to his pregnant wife? It sounds like he may be one nut short a bolt.

Who would stand up for Greene’s baby? South Carolina’s Judicial Court, that’s who. Although, Barry Barnette, South Carolina’s 7th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, told that as the twenty year sentenced was passed to Greene, she showed no emotion. One wonders if she will show no emotion as she goes through drug withdrawals.

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