Rita Ora Discusses Jay Z’s Natural Scent, Says He Smells ‘Clean And Fresh’

Rita Ora has a few thoughts about how Jay Z smells.

Fans of the acclaimed rapper shouldn’t worry too much about the guy’s natural odor. According to Ora, he smells as “clean and fresh” as you probably imagined. If you never really pondered Jay’s scent before, then at least Rita has this area covered in advance.

According to the Mirror, Ora firmly believes that the rapper smells like a “clean tree.” While some of you are probably raising your eyebrows at this admittedly peculiar description, apparently the singer means no absolutely no offense.

Rita Ora also admitted that she was more than a little nervous to meet Beyoncé for the very first time. Since the Fifty Shades of Grey star views the former Destiny’s Child member as her “idol,” butterflies were definitely dancing in her stomach during their first encounter.

“I mean, one of, but she was like the nicest. I’ve always, always, always thought she wasn’t human. And I swear I always think that she puts a plug in a socket at night and sleeps standing up or something because she’s not human,” Ora joked.

She added, “But she was incredible, so kind, so honest, so caring, and so approachable. If they asked me [to babysit Blue Ivy], I’d definitely do it.”

In addition discussing Jay’z natural scent, Rita also took a moment to discuss her relationship with Rob Kardashian. During her recent interview with an Australian radio station, the singer claims she never dated the guy. That knife in Rob’s heart just sunk a little deeper.

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. Onwards and upwards, guys. Honestly, there’s a place and time for everything and people change and evolve. I think time will tell really and you’ve just got to keep the train moving forward,” Rita Ora said about their relationship.

Although the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer doesn’t have time to waste on Kardashian, she doesn’t mind spilling the proverbial beans about her romance with DJ Calvin Harris. In fact, Ora told Elle UK that the guy essentially taught her what it was like to truly love someone.

What does she love the most about Harris? She said, “The fact that he got something out of me that I never thought I had. Yes, like falling in love. I just didn’t think I had it. I’d never experienced it before. And I was just like in the wilderness, thinking, ‘Will it ever happen?'”

What has this article proven to the world? If Rita Ora has something on her mind, then she’s probably going to share it with someone. As long as it’s not Rob Kardashian, of course.

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