Powerball Numbers Miss Jackpot But 5 Players Win $1 Million Second Prize

The Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday resulted in more than $10 million in prize giveaways, but no winner of the game’s top jackpot, which now climbs to $80 million for the next drawing, set for April 10.

Five New Millionaires Come Out Of Saturday Drawing

But last night’s Powerball game created five new millionaires, as tickets purchased in Arkansas, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Texas each matched the first five numbers drawn, but not the Powerball number, to win the national lottery’s second prize.

The last time as many as five tickets were good for the million-dollar consolation prize was March 8, when players in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida Indiana and New Jersey hit the first five numbers.

Just a week after that, on March 15, Powerball saw four second-prize winners, one each from Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

In Saturday’s drawing, four of those second-prize Powerball tickets will bring their owners a cool $1 million, before taxes. But the ticket buyer in New Mexico paid an extra buck to activate the Power Play option. That additional dollar is probably the best investment that player has ever made, because with Power Play, his or her ticket is now worth $2 million.

Almost 15 Million Tickets Sold, Over 460,000 Win A Prize

Of the 14,941,886 tickets sold for the April 5 drawing, 466,200 were good for a prize of at least $4, the minimum prize, given away for matching one number plus the Powerball, or the Powerball number alone.

Was yours one if them? Check your Powerball ticket against the following numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm Saturday night in Tallahassee, Florida.

1121263334 Powerball 29

Power Play Option Pays The Maximum Multiplier Of 5

The drawing was an especially lucky one for all of the Powerball players who sprung for the extra buck to activate Power Play. In every drawing, a Power Play number is drawn — the numbers range from 2 to 5. From third prize down, all Power Play winners have their cash prizes multiplied by that Power Play number.

Last night’s Power Play number was 5. That means the two third prize Powerball Power Play winners Saturday will take away not $10,000, which is the normal third prize award, but $50,000.

Even winners of 71,854 Power Play winners of the lowest-level prize walk away with a $20 bill, rather than just four George Washingtons.

The Powerball Power Play option is not available in California, where all lottery prizes other than the top jackpot are awarded on a pari-mutuel basis. On Saturday, for example, two third-prize Powerball tickets were sold in that state, paying off $11,043 each.