[Watch] ‘Unsung Hero’ Delivers Powerful Message Of Kindness And Generosity

You won’t want to miss “Unsung Hero,” the viral video uploaded by Thai Life Insurance company three days ago. This three minute video delivers a powerful message, so grab a box of tissues before you hit play.

“Unsung Hero” shows an anonymous young man performing daily acts of kindness as he goes about his life.

“Let me help,” he says as he grabs a hold of an elderly woman’s cart and lifts it up over the high curb.

“For education” the sign reads in front of a pair of beggars, a mother and her little girl. The man pulls bills out of his wallet for the girl before going on his way.

Then there are the recipients who can never thank him – a hungry dog, and even a tree.

The voice over asks, “What does he get in return for doing this every day?”

As the young man performs his habitual acts of kindness, onlookers shake their heads in disapproval. But even the cynical onlookers change their attitudes as the video progresses and shows the affects of the young man’s loving actions.

“He gets nothing. He won’t be richer. He won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous and not a bit more famous.”

So what does the young man in “Unsung Hero” get?

Watch the clip to find out:

Uploaded last Wed by the Thai Life Insurance company, “Unsung Hero” has already reached 900,000 views and climbing. Thai Life Insurance has uploaded tear-jerkers before, like their 2012 video showing the love of a father for his daughter which has over 3 million views.

The Bangkok-based company has repeatedly won awards for its commercials, including “Best Commercial” and awards for Writing, Best Mixed-Media Campaign, and Most Effective Use Of Advertising.

Besides the usual insurance company talk, their mission statement says that they are “committed to support and contribute to the benefit of Thai society continuously alongside Thai people.” But it seems that videos like “Unsung Hero” are benefiting all peoples around the world, as they reach millions of viewers. Viewers are posting comments like, “this video makes me happy!” and “I’m crying now.”

One of the reasons “Unsung Hero” is so touching is because there are no overt advertising messages until the very end. The story is presented much like any short film, with dramatic music underscoring the expertly produced short clips.

The result is that “Unsung Hero” is far more memorable than traditional advertising, and there’s the chance that it’s making the world a better place.

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