Prince George Car Seat Choice For Royal Tour Creates Controversy

Prince George, third in line to the British throne and first born son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, is set go begin his first royal tour that will take the family to Australia and New Zealand, but some controversy is brewing over the royal baby’s car seat.

As with anything Kate Middleton and her husband William do, this three week visit to two of the member countries that make up the Commonwealth has garnered much attention in Britain and the island nations.

First of, we are talking about eight-month-old Prince George and his very first official overseas tour, which is reminds us of the trip his father, William, then aged nine-months, took with his late mother, Princess Diana, and father Prince Charles to the same area.

In 1983 taking a royal baby on an official visit was unheard of, but that is what Princess Di brought to the royal family strongly etched in traditions, she changed the status quo in an effort to raise her sons William and Harry in a more “normal” way.

Diana’s efforts have paid off and now her grandson, Prince George, will be the beneficiary of those changes she was much scrutinized and criticized for more than three decades ago.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most popular and admired couples in the world and are generally viewed very favorably by their subjects, however, some controversy has been brewing concerning the car seat the couple will be using for Prince George during their visit Down Under.

Following the release of pictures of the car seat by New Zealand’s national childcare advisory agency Plunket, securing the Maxi-Cosi into the back seat of the car the family will use during their stay, parents pointed out that the car seat faces forward and is to be used by a child older than young Prince George.

According to those complaining, George is too young to be driving in such a seat, however, the manufacturer’s instructions say that the seat is designed for babies ages nine-months and up, just a few weeks older than the Prince is now.

Similarly as in the US, New Zealand’s transportation authorities urge parents to use a rear-facing baby seat until the child is about one-year-old, but also depending on their weight.

From the latest official family portrait released last week, it appears Prince George may be meeting the weight requirement as he was seen intently staring at the family dog, Lupo, sporting two very chubby cheeks, while being held securely by his mother Kate Middleton.

[Image via The Inquisitr]